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Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet™ | Best Gourmet Olive Oil from Spain

We in Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet™ believe that the gourmet experience has to be also healthy and environmentally friendly. Inspired on the concept of the Mediterranean Diet as a lifestyle that combines healthy and good quality food with open air activities shared with joy of life with family and friends, we specialize in F&B that we call Mediterranean Gourmet.

Starting with gourmet olive oil, Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet™ will be offering a selection of F&B that mets our Mediterranean Gourmet Policy. In general our products are estate grown, winners of international quality awards and made with passion by small producers. Some of our products are Organic Certified.

We are offering  Mediterranean gourmet olive oil of leading brands such as Mestral, Oro Bailén, Oro del Desierto, Oleaverum and Dama de Elaia.

We serve specialty food stores, other gourmet professionals and foodies with love for Mediterranean Gourmet.


US customers are invited to visit us at: www.ElaiaGourmet.us

Top quality olive oil at best wholesale prices

Elaia Mediterranean Gourmet™

US customer are invited to visit us at: www.ElaiaGourmet.us
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